TCP.IP Qr Reader Access Control Qr Two Dimension Code Scanner

TCP.IP Qr Reader Access Control Qr Two Dimension Code Scanner

Model No.︰ER80-EM

Brand Name︰-

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

TCP/IP ER80 QR Code Access Card Reader can be compatible with all Door access control board with built in WG 26/34output.The user can open the door by RFID card or Mobile QR code.



1. DC 12V 1000MA


2. EM card or Mifare Card for choose


3. Identify printed or screen QR Code


4. Support 26/34 weigand output to third party Access Control system

5. RS232, RS485, USB virtual keyboard, USB virtual Serial port, HTTP output, MQTT output optional


Identify QR code Size




Wire connection:

VCCDC12    GNDDC12D0:DATA0D1:DATA1 LED:LED indicate BEEP:Sound




SPK-SPK+not define


RJ45connect to network, PC software setting reader parameterapply to HTTP mode 

micro-USBFor USB virtual keyboard and USB virtual serial port mode communication.



1: do not connect the power to the SPK+ and SPK- ports;

2:Wiegand output, QR code shall comply with the principle of combination of 16 hexadecimal number 0~F, the QR code in accordance with this principle can heard a Beep, controller can receive the card data; QR code not in accordance with the principle can heard two beep, the controller can not receive the card data;

3: Wigand output, scanning QR code take number principle is high before, QR code automatically identified as 16 decimal;

4: WG34 output, QR code card number must be 4 bytes, insufficient in high fill 4 byte number with 0.


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